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The only 100% fully customizable on-line log book for Restaurants and Retail.   A must have for any business that wants all its managers to communicate better.

Still Emailing Your Reports? Really?

Try the only 100% fully customizable on-line log book. Improve management and employee communication. Keep your team on track & accountable.

It’s quick, its easy! Up and running in less than 10 minutes.


Right in the palm of your hand. Every shift report. No matter where you are.

Are you still using paper logbooks or comm logs?

Replace those with your own custom MOD Report (Manager on Duty).  An easy-to-use online shift reporting tool to keep your daily reports and information organized while you streamline communications and operations for your restaurants or retail stores.

Manager's Logbook

Send, receive, and retrieve daily shift reports! Improve management and employee communication. Keep your team on track & accountable.

Get Immediate Notifications

Know what’s happening, where ever you are.  At the end of each day the Manager on Duty (MOD) just sends the shift reports directly to your entire team’s smart phone, computer, or iPad.  Instant communication has never been easier.

Easy Setup

It’s quick, its easy! Up and running in less than 10 minutes. We can do it for you if you like. No worries. Call us (850) 585-4051.

Customize. It's Easy!

Easily customize to your operation. Communicate sales, returns, guest counts, lost and found items, repairs and maintenance issues, staff issues, to do lists, training progress, guest relation issues, etc., etc., etc. If you want us to do it a quick 5 minute phone call and you will have your custom report.


Cloud-based so you can report, retrieve and keep organized your business information anywhere you can get on the internet.

Powerful Search

Huge time saver. Search for a holiday event, employee, a piece of equipment, a vendor, or anything else and get instant results. Try that with a paper logbook. is a web-based manager’s restaurant and retail logbook that will enable you to log all of your shift notes electronically so your team can communicate better. 

Here you can build and share your custom logbook on mobile, tablet or the web. MOD Reports are a necessity for restaurants and retail stores, hotels, country clubs, golf resorts, adventure parks, healthcare facilities, spas and more. The MOD Report log book is a great tool for any business that has many moving parts that work together. You can keep track of things like sales, guest counts,  personnel issues, guest feedback, repair & maintenance, special event recaps, and out-of-stock items — anything you want to report. This log book reporting system is designed for hospitality and retail businesses. Here you can easily design and customize a Retail and Restaurant Logbook, Daily Log, Comm Log, Manager’s Logbook, End of Day Report, Shift Report, Manager on Duty Report, Daily Journal, Shift Log Report, or Redbook.

Restaurant and Retail Log Book Pricing Plans

To provide you with the best experience, your retail and restaurant log book trial cloud-ware will be fully functional and fully customizable. You have access for a full (and free) 10 days, as well as unlimited access to our customer support channels.  No long-term contracts or pay-per user fees, you pay as you go with one low price per month.

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Our 10 managers live and breath the daily log reports, it keeps all of us on the same pages, all the time.

Collier Merrill

Owner , Great Southern Restaurants

I love instantly reading the day’s restaurant and retail activity right on my phone, I feel much more connected to my business.

Bruce Craul

COO, Legendary, Inc.

A must for any business where restaurant managers need to communicate effectively.

Steve Ooms

GM, Jackson's Steakhouse

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Manager’s logbook cloudware for restaurants, retail, healthcare, travel, resorts, spas and more. MOD Reports replaces paper logbooks and all those emails back and forth with an easy-to-use online tool. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Pricing Policy

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